Surgery in India

At the request of some patients, Mr Trakru is currently in discussion with a few reputable hospitals in India with a view to providing his patients the option of having their treatment carried out overseas.

While it is to be expected that surgery in India would generate significant savings of about a third to a half of the costs in the UK, what may not be so obvious is that some of the hospitals in India provide facilities that are superior to those available in many UK private hospitals. This will come as a surprise to many but what has to be remembered is that the hospitals being compared are amongst a handful of the top ones in India with the average private hospital in the UK and so this is not comparing like with like.

The better facilites in these few Indian hospitals are not only to do with accomodation and customer care but also, and more importantly, with respect to clinical aspects such as round the clock availability of expertise for the management of unforeseen complications that may develop rarely. For example, a patient may suffer a heart problem after surgery that requires stay in a coronary or intensive care unit. Many private hospitals in the UK will need to transfer the patient out to either a NHS hospital or to another suitable private hospital. Usually this can be accomplished without difficulty. The hospitals under discussion in India, on the other hand, would have the resources to manage the condition in house and that can be reassuring.

If you are considering the option of having surgery in India, please contact Mr Trakru’s secretary at or via fax number above with your details and we will inform you as soon as arrangements for overseas surgery have been finalised.